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The Advantages of Pocket Door Kits

advantages of pocket door kits

The advantages of pocket door kits are, like most door furniture, also complimented with their own share of disadvantages. We look at the best aspects as well as a few caveats.

The Advantages of Pocket Door Kits Compared With Regular Doors

Without spending too much time on the obvious, the greatest gain with a pocket door kit is that it immediately “clears” space. No longer do you require room-space for the door to hinge. This can create an incredibly beautiful, simple, minimalist feel. This is perfect in situations when you have little space, or you have particular features you wish to place on a wall.

advantages of pocket door kits

The downside is that, with a pocket door kit, you’re going to need to install the system. This has to be done in a stud wall, which means it’s going to be messier, more difficult and more expensive to retrofit. But in situations when a living space will genuinely benefit from a cleaner, more open appearance, it can often be well worth the cost.

It’s also worth noting that a regular door will be easier to seal. If you’re looking for airtightness in your home, it’s very difficult to get a seal and most designs do not allow for it. 

Advantages of Pocket Door Kits Versus Internal Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are nothing new, and the Internal Sliding Door is the pocket door’s older relative. Our own style comes in a ‘barn’ finish which creates a rustic finish to your living space. 

A pocket door kit will allow for a much tighter seal on a door, which improves sound dampening and insulation. This is because it goes directly across the door opening. In contract, an internal sliding door is railed on the outside of the entrance and rests in front of the opening, creating a large opening which will let in sound and air in plenty.

A pocket door will also not cover walls compared with an internal sliding door. This means you can use those walls for hanging furniture, decor, or utilities on the adjacent walls without issue. 

We hope this answers any questions you may have. If you have any further queries or you’d like to know more about our range, feel free to contact us today.