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Brass Door Handles

brass door handles

It’s the attention to detail that make a space, and when it comes to detail, our handcrafted brass door handles can certainly leave an impression. Many of our brass handles and functional ironmongery are handcrafted by “From the Anvil”, a Welsh workshop with a vast stock (which makes for prompt delivery times). You can view our full range of door handles, or continue reading to see a few from our selection.

Aged Brass Avon Lever Latch Handle Set

The Aged brass Avon Lever set is designed with simplicity in mind. The lever is hand-hammered to shape to give each piece a unique appearance that is both contemporary and individual.

Backplate Size: 152mm x 48mm x 5mm
Handle Length: 118mm

The Avon range allows for installation in any location including a bathroom set which can be used with a bathroom mortice lock, with a coin and release thumbturn mechanism.

Avon Slimline Door Handles

For an even more modern appearance, the Avon Slimline gives you the same hand-hammered, unique handle and gives it a much slimmer body. The Avon Slimline with locking as well as the Avon Slimline Lever Door Handle both come with the following dimensions:

Backplate Size: 242mm x 32mm x 13mm
Handle Length: 118mm
Fixing Centres: 212mm
However, for the Slimline with a locking mechanism, its centres are 92mm.

Many of our pieces are part of Under The Anvil’s period range. This range aims to achieve a timeless quality. Each piece is produced by hand by a blacksmith, meaning it holds up under inspection. The brass has been aged to highlight the detail and design but polished on all surfaces when you first receive them. If you prefer the tarnished effect, this will be attained through natural wear and tear. And if at any time you wish to return to a bright sheen, these handles can be polished whenever necessary.

For Brass Door Pulls, our Regency handles are designed to match our period cupboard knobs and mortice/rim sets. This allows you to achieve more of a uniform finish for your space. We also have our range in Aged Bronze for a beautiful, timeless, classic look.

If you have any questions about our items or are seeking something more specific, please contact us today at so that we can reply with relevant brochures and visual material.

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Pendant Lights’ Advantages

pendant lights advantages

Pendant lights’ advantages are many. They can truly create a mood in your living space. And with a massive range of styles, colours and textures available, they’re more popular than ever. It doesn’t matter your style. Whether art deco, classical or contemporary, you can find pendant lights to suit your tastes and enhance your environment.

Pendant Lights in your Kitchen

Pendant lighting is often found in the kitchen, where they can create an ambient mood. Paired with modern dimmable and/or multicoloured LED lighting, you can set the atmosphere for dinner, work and social gatherings. When they’re placed in sets they can light up a table or island, creating a visual focal point for the room — and for social interaction.

Add Space Or Create Focus?

Downward-facing pendant lights have shades directing the light source downwards. This will create a focused, clear light in the centre of the room (or wherever you choose to position it). This makes them great for lighting for ambience or specific tasks. If you prefer working from a kitchen island or table, then it can be helpful to have a direct light source for more refined activities. In some situations, an upwards facing light may be preferable if you need a more diffuse, all-encompassing light. Our range of Brindley Pendants come in various styles and finishes for adding a stylish focus.

Pendant Lights Advantages: Decorative or Primary Lighting?

When choosing your style, it helps to consider how you already use your space. Old habits die hard, and if we have a preference for certain activities in certain spaces, it is sometimes better to accommodate that existing pattern into our renovation plans. Do you need these lights to be the main light source in the room, or can they be paired with an ambient light source such as ceiling spotlights? Pendant lights are a great way to support your space and existing routines with a great aesthetic. Our Harborne Pendants make for an excellent focal point for lighting that exudes style. The Yardley range offers a beautiful contemporary tone to your space with a range of outer styles combined with a hammered copper interior finish to create any kind of mood you want.

If you have any queries about any of the products in our range, we are happy to help. Reach out to us today at

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Pendant Lights: Which Are Best For Your Kitchen?

pendant lights

Pendant lights come in many shapes and sizes to fit all styles of look, feel and finish in your home. The kitchen is where you’ll spend much of your time so it’s important to create the right ambience to match your space. With that in mind, here are a few of our best pendant lights for the kitchen.

Yardley Pendants

The Yardley offers a sleek, contemporary style exemplified in the Dark Grey & Hammered Copper finish. It works beautifully as a centrepiece or hung in a line. Each model is hand spun from solid steel and given a copper finish. The diameter of the Yardley is 460mm, with a height of 210mm and a Rose diameter of 120mm.

Hockley Pendant Lights

The Hockley range is similar to the Yardley, with a sleek shape but in larger, more dramatic proportions. Our range of Hockley pendant lights are beautiful and elegant, with a modern shape and coming in many finishes to suit almost any kitchen space. For example the Hockley Black & Hammered Copper

It is handspun from solid steel with a copper finish, the Hockley is available with other interiors besides copper, such as black, dark or light grey matt exterior. For the Hockley range LED bulbs are a necessity and it supports dimmable LED bulbs.

Brindley Pendant Lights

The Brindley’s hammered copper interior is available a choice of interiors such as black, dark or light grey matt. This is a versatile pendant which can be hung at different levels to highlight particular areas within a room. There are many variations on the Brindley including the Hammered Copper Interior, Hammered Nickel Interior, Pale Blue & White Interior as well as the Sage Green and White Interior. The Brindley has a 260mm diameter, a height of 270mm and a rose diameter of 120mm.

Harborne Pendants

The Harborne offers a Classic British design. Its curves and proportions make it the focal point in any kitchen space. As with others in our range, this Harborne is hand spun from solid steel with a copper finish and is built for LED bulbs. It has a 400mm diameter, a height of 270mm and a Rose diameter of 120mm. The Harborne’s fittings are E27.

To find out more about our range or for any inquiries, contact us today at

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Push Plates

push plates

Push Plates, also known as Finger Plates, are an essential piece of door furniture on any commercial and customer-facing property. At We Dress Doors, we provide a large selection of different finishes to accommodate almost any style.

When Are Push Plates Used?

A door frame doesn’t mix well with a thousand handprints. In heavy-traffic areas where a door handle is either unnecessary (or to compliment the ‘pull’ side of a door), push plates cover a portion of the door in a durable, easy-to-clean surface. The plate becomes a natural target for a person’s hand, helping to reduce the amount of wear on the door, which means less frequent repainting and cleaning on the door frame. If there is a ‘pull’ handle, the plate also conceals the fixings for a clean finish.

Our plates come in sizes and finishes to complement our commercial pull handles. The three main sizes are 1800mm x 66mm, 800mm x 66mm, and 400mm x 66mm. All come with a standard 4mm thickness which we have designed to keep the plates flush against the doorframe to remove the risk of snagging or injury.

Our Styles

The plain beeswax finish comes in two sizes; 400 millimetres and 800 millimetres. This finish is an authentic, forged finish. After forgery, the steel range in colour tone from deep red ochre to blue. We supply these and all other finishes with matching wood screws.

We achieved our Plain Black (or Traditional Black) finish by baking the steel in a high-temperature oven. The process results in a durable, corrosion-resistant finish which is salt tested to 480 hours.

We create our Pewter Finish using a unique process which highlights the steel’s texture. Salt tested to 480 hours; it is highly resistant to corrosion. Though in order to keep it in its best condition we recommend wiping it occasionally with a lightly oiled cloth to remove damaging deposits.

Our Art Deco style Aged Brass fingerplates offers a striking appearance for any commercial property or large entrance. Forged by From The Anvil using solid brass, the brass finish is unlacquered to highlight the quality of the material and unique manual process. This will arrive highly polished on all surfaces. Though naturally, given the materials it will tarnish over time as part of the ageing process. You can polish this to rejuvenate it at any time, depending on whether you prefer a tarnished look or a striking finish.

We hope this helps. If you have any questions, contact us today.

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Front Door Knobs

front door knobs

Front door knobs are worth careful consideration. At We Dress Doors, we pride ourselves on sourcing superior door furniture fit to adorn the most luxurious spaces. When it comes to choosing furniture that will make an impact, front doorknobs rank highly. In addition to the obvious functional tasks, your front door will set the tone for the rest of your space.  We provide over 16 styles of front door knobs which can set the tone and style of your home. Here are a few from our selection.

Beehive Front Door Knobs

Our range of beehive doorknobs come in a spectacular array of finishes to accommodate most styles and ideas. From Rosewood Mortice to polished chrome, this gorgeous style can succeed in art deco style as well as a more classical look. The aged brass finish offers a beautiful contrast with the rimmed areas contrasting with the engraved areas.

The Art Deco style will always have a place in modern architecture, and we have other styles which also match this beautifully. For example, our bun doorknobs exude 1920s chic. Available in Ebony and Polished Brass, they provide great versatility, allowing them to work well with a wide range of styles and finishes. 

The Tewkesbury door knob ornate style absolutely exudes tradition and class. Inspired by a Georgian original, it’s perfect for period properties or townhouses. Available in Aged Brass, Aged Bronze, Polished Nickel and Polished Chrome, this style. 

A special ageing process is used to highlight the detail on the square backplate so that it contrasts nicely with the polished elements. This style tarnishes over time and so can be left if this is preferable, or polished periodically to maintain their sheen. 

Flower Door Knobs

This flower door knob is another classic style which can highlight and accentuate the right door. Available in Aged Brass, ‘Black Flower’ and ‘Natural Smooth’,  each piece has a unique story to tell. Created by From The Anvil, each doorknob is handcrafted with a hammer by a master blacksmith. 

A simpler traditional look is achieved using the Mushroom Front Door knob. Available in nine different finishes which include aged bronze, polished brass, polished bronze, polished chrome and polished nickel. 

These are supplied with detachable roses as well as two lengths of threaded spindle. This means you can use this a number of different situations around the home. You can use this with a mortice latch, lock and escutcheon or bathroom thumb turn. We also have matching escutcheons and thumb turns available.

For further inquiries about our range, please contact us by email at 

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The Importance of Front Door Furniture

The importance of front door furniture to the overall look and feel of a build can be underestimated. We all know that investing in a high-quality front door is essential not just for the security of your home, but for creating the right impression for you and your guests. But having the right furniture for the door is just as important. When the furniture mismatches the look and feel of the door and the home itself, it stands out in ways that people may not be able to verbalise.

Your front door is likely to be one of the most expensive fixtures in your home. It’s essential to plan it well, choosing a front door that will look well for years after you install it. It needs to function efficiently, provide excellent security, high levels of insulation, and of course, be aesthetically pleasing. 

The Importance of Front Door Furniture: Choosing a Finish

Having an excellent piece of ironmongery to complement this investment can enhance the look and feel of the space as well as the security.  These should also be weather hardened to provide lasting strength, protection, and aesthetics for years after they’ve been installed. 

Whether you’re looking for front door knobs or door lettering, choosing furniture that matches the look and feel of the door and the home itself is essential for creating an impact. 

importance of front door furniture

If you decide to have a door knocker, we have a variety of options available, from Art Deco, “Doctor’s Door” and traditional Lion’s Head styles.  We also have incredibly unique looking finishes, such as the Regency door finished with Pewter which really highlights the importance of front door furniture for creating an effect.

An aged bronze finish can provide an ageless look suitable for a more traditional or a gothic appearance. You can attain a more modern feel using polished or satin chrome. For brighter colours and shades, polished bronze can often make for excellent contrast. And Antique Pewter can often work with various styles thanks to its somewhat neutral finish. 

In terms of security, you can back up the existing locking mechanism with a deadbolt system or door chain. In addition to improving security, these can also help to enhance the appearance of your space. Another element in this category of safety and style is the door peep, which is available in our four main finishes to match your door, your home.

If you have a query about one of our products, styles or finishes or are simply looking for advice or information, contact us today.

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Sliding Internal Doors

sliding internal doors

Sliding Internal Doors make for beautiful barn conversions, and can give an authentic accent to period homes and offices. The system we use is produced by the renowned From the Anvil and are hand-made by a blacksmith. From the Anvil specialise in traditional ironmongery, and the results are as gorgeous as they are unique. This provides a beautiful, classic look on your sliding wooden doors. The handcrafted steel straps are left exposed down the front of the door, providing an old-fashioned look to your space. The sliding door kit we use can support doors weighing up to 80kg, and the hangers run smoothly along the bar track.

Sliding Internal Doors: What Are the Specifications?

From the Anvil’s internal door kit is available for a two-metre sliding door kit, or three-metre sliding track. Both the two-metre and three-metre track are suitable for a door with a width of at least 50 centimetres. The maximum door with for the two-metre track is one-metre, whereas the three-metre track requires a max door width of one and a half metres.  For both kits, the door thickness has an allowable range between 3.6 centimetres to 4.6 centimetres. And the maximum door weight is 80 kilograms. The 3-metre track costs €389.35 and the 2-metre track is available for €315.65.

If you’re choosing sliding internal doors, consider that this is something you will use and see every day. It might seem like a ‘small detail’, but the correct choice of finish can completely transform and elevate the appearance of your home interior. With handcrafted iron finishes, you will accentuate the look, function and feel of the space.

Advantage of Sliding Internal Doors

Compared with a regular door, you’re going to ‘save’ corner space where a regular door would hinge. The downside, of course, is that the area alongside the walls will need to free for the doors to retract. This can limit where you place radiators, fixtures or wall hangings, but this can be avoided by using a sliding pocket door kit as the wall retracts into the wall itself. Other things to consider are that sliding internal doors may not provide a complete seal if heating is a concern or when you anticipate noise issues.

If you have any further questions about sliding doors or would like advice on your project, feel free to contact us today.

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Front Door Knob: Which One Should You Choose?

Front Door Knob: Which One Should You Choose?

Which front door knob should you choose? It’s a question we often hear. Small things can often make a big impact on the look and feel of your living space. When you have large panels that are otherwise uniform in shape or finish, the furniture is often the things to make it stand out. This is absolutely the case when it comes to front door knobs. While we have a vast collection, today we look at three beautiful designs that can make a visual impact.

Brockworth Front Door Knobs

Brockworth offers a classically ornate yet timeless design for your front door that adds a level of quality to the finish. Available in Aged Brass, Aged Bronze, Polished Chrome or Polished Nickel, there’s a finish for most front doors. The Aged brass finish, somewhat reminiscent of a chess piece, manages to provide an accent of class to most doors. These are unsprung solid mortice knobs with fine beading to the handle and rose. These are designed for Mortice only and are not suitable for rim locks. These allow for different door thicknesses with an 8mm x 140mm adjustable spindle. We recommend that the centre of the knob be at least three inches from the door’s edge. For maximum efficiency, we recommend four or five-inch heavy-duty latches.

Mushroom Door Knob Set

front door knobs mushroom

The mushroom door knob set is suitable for both Mortice and Rim doors, making them a suitable option for both traditional and modern front doors. Their versatility is furthered by compatibility

with most thumbturns, latches and heavy-duty locks. Salt tested to 480 hours, the aged bronze finish is forged from solid unlacquered bronze (with at least eighty-five percent copper). A gorgeous matt and rich finish is attained through our ageing process. The ageing process at first darkens the surface, but as it oxidizes over time the copper undertones become apparent.

The ‘Flower Mortice’ Front Door Knob Set

This finish offers far more contrast and flourish than most of our designs. Intended to be striking, we finish this unique look with a natural, smooth feel. We include all fixings and screws and both roses come attached.

If you have something else in mind,  view our full collection or contact us today.

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The Advantages of Pocket Door Kits

advantages of pocket door kits

The advantages of pocket door kits are, like most door furniture, also complimented with their own share of disadvantages. We look at the best aspects as well as a few caveats.

The Advantages of Pocket Door Kits Compared With Regular Doors

Without spending too much time on the obvious, the greatest gain with a pocket door kit is that it immediately “clears” space. No longer do you require room-space for the door to hinge. This can create an incredibly beautiful, simple, minimalist feel. This is perfect in situations when you have little space, or you have particular features you wish to place on a wall.

advantages of pocket door kits

The downside is that, with a pocket door kit, you’re going to need to install the system. This has to be done in a stud wall, which means it’s going to be messier, more difficult and more expensive to retrofit. But in situations when a living space will genuinely benefit from a cleaner, more open appearance, it can often be well worth the cost.

It’s also worth noting that a regular door will be easier to seal. If you’re looking for airtightness in your home, it’s very difficult to get a seal and most designs do not allow for it. 

Advantages of Pocket Door Kits Versus Internal Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are nothing new, and the Internal Sliding Door is the pocket door’s older relative. Our own style comes in a ‘barn’ finish which creates a rustic finish to your living space. 

A pocket door kit will allow for a much tighter seal on a door, which improves sound dampening and insulation. This is because it goes directly across the door opening. In contract, an internal sliding door is railed on the outside of the entrance and rests in front of the opening, creating a large opening which will let in sound and air in plenty.

A pocket door will also not cover walls compared with an internal sliding door. This means you can use those walls for hanging furniture, decor, or utilities on the adjacent walls without issue. 

We hope this answers any questions you may have. If you have any further queries or you’d like to know more about our range, feel free to contact us today.

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Internal Sliding Doors

internal sliding doors

Internal sliding doors are a tasteful option when you don’t want or don’t have floor space. With the right furniture, sliding doors can open up a room and enhance the appearance of the space. They’re easy to install using our internal sliding door kit, and they usually require minimal maintenance. 

About Our Internal Sliding Door Kit

internal sliding doors

Our sliding door kit comes with a 2m track in a traditional black finish. To create a traditional, rustic appearance, the expose the steel straps along the front of the door.  The hangers are crafted to look beautiful while running smoothly across the track. As with any fixture, the structure of the wall will have to take the weight of the sliding door system as well as the door itself. The kit is built to handle internal doors that weight up to 80kg and is supplied with all necessary fixings. As our rails come in traditional black, we recommend coupling them with black or beeswax door hinges, available under ‘related products’ in our kit. Our kits should be easy to install and will arrive within 2 business days. 

Internal Sliding Doors Versus Pocket DoorsBoth will enhance the open layout of your space and free up floor space typically be taken up by a standard hinged door. The clearest difference between the two is that you can completely hide pocket doors when open. This means that they don’t block the walls, but of course, you can only install these into stud walls, making them more difficult to retrofit. Using a pocket door kit, you’re also able to install a far more versatile range of doors.

The downsides of internal sliding doors compared with pocket doors is that they will cover the walls when open. This makes them unsuitable in a windowed area or where there’s a radiator or other fixtures. And of course, they may occasionally come off the rail. Though this is easy to correct. Neither versions offer a perfect seal to the door, making them unsuitable in situations when you need to reduce noise. If you need further clarity, have questions, or you’d simply like to discuss your installation or idea with us, you can contact us on We’ll be happy to help.