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Front Door Furniture

front door furniture

When it comes to front door furniture, the main things to keep in mind are the style, finish and the practicality. At We Dress Doors, we will often handcraft our furnishings if it helps add something unique to the finish. When appropriate, the front door furniture we produce is water and salt tested. Below we will outline some of our key items, and you may also like to view our full range of front door hardware.

Front Door Furniture: Numerals and Lettering

We provide numerals and lettering in many different finishes. Two popular choices are aged bronze letterings and aged bronze numerals.

Aged Bronze finish gives a simplistic, heavy effect. These were produced using unlacquered bronze with at least 85% copper. The matt finish is produced using a process designed to age and darken the metal. As it ages, the finish will oxidize and produce a warm copper undertone that can be very appealing.

We also produce a similar simplistic design for polished bronze lettering and polished bronze numerals.

As with the aged bronze effect, this finish is salt-tested to 480 hours and manufactured from solid unlacquered bronze. And again it also contains a minimum of 85% copper. For the bright polished effect, the metal is aged and then repolished. Because of the aged effect in the detailed areas and the bright surface where it has been polished, you get a beautiful contrast.

Front Door Furniture: Knockers

We have a full selection of door knockers that will work beautifully with most modern and classic designs. For example, the beautiful Beeswax Pear Shaped Door Knocker. Each one is unique, handcrafted over an anvil by a master forger. The blacksmith draws the knocker from a single steel bar and bends and shapes it using a hammer and furnace. Each piece will have its own individual look and feel. To preserve this front door furniture in any climate, the process includes the use of anti-corrosive beeswax and the knocker is salt tested to 480 hours.

We hope this gives you some idea of the items we have on offer. But as many of our pieces are unique, we encourage you to view the full selection to see which may be best suited for your front door. If you have any specific queries relating to an item, please feel free to email us directly at