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Front Door Knob: Which One Should You Choose?

Front Door Knob: Which One Should You Choose?

Which front door knob should you choose? It’s a question we often hear. Small things can often make a big impact on the look and feel of your living space. When you have large panels that are otherwise uniform in shape or finish, the furniture is often the things to make it stand out. This is absolutely the case when it comes to front door knobs. While we have a vast collection, today we look at three beautiful designs that can make a visual impact.

Brockworth Front Door Knobs

Brockworth offers a classically ornate yet timeless design for your front door that adds a level of quality to the finish. Available in Aged Brass, Aged Bronze, Polished Chrome or Polished Nickel, there’s a finish for most front doors. The Aged brass finish, somewhat reminiscent of a chess piece, manages to provide an accent of class to most doors. These are unsprung solid mortice knobs with fine beading to the handle and rose. These are designed for Mortice only and are not suitable for rim locks. These allow for different door thicknesses with an 8mm x 140mm adjustable spindle. We recommend that the centre of the knob be at least three inches from the door’s edge. For maximum efficiency, we recommend four or five-inch heavy-duty latches.

Mushroom Door Knob Set

front door knobs mushroom

The mushroom door knob set is suitable for both Mortice and Rim doors, making them a suitable option for both traditional and modern front doors. Their versatility is furthered by compatibility

with most thumbturns, latches and heavy-duty locks. Salt tested to 480 hours, the aged bronze finish is forged from solid unlacquered bronze (with at least eighty-five percent copper). A gorgeous matt and rich finish is attained through our ageing process. The ageing process at first darkens the surface, but as it oxidizes over time the copper undertones become apparent.

The ‘Flower Mortice’ Front Door Knob Set

This finish offers far more contrast and flourish than most of our designs. Intended to be striking, we finish this unique look with a natural, smooth feel. We include all fixings and screws and both roses come attached.

If you have something else in mind,  view our full collection or contact us today.