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Front Door Knobs

front door knobs

Front door knobs are worth careful consideration. At We Dress Doors, we pride ourselves on sourcing superior door furniture fit to adorn the most luxurious spaces. When it comes to choosing furniture that will make an impact, front doorknobs rank highly. In addition to the obvious functional tasks, your front door will set the tone for the rest of your space.  We provide over 16 styles of front door knobs which can set the tone and style of your home. Here are a few from our selection.

Beehive Front Door Knobs

Our range of beehive doorknobs come in a spectacular array of finishes to accommodate most styles and ideas. From Rosewood Mortice to polished chrome, this gorgeous style can succeed in art deco style as well as a more classical look. The aged brass finish offers a beautiful contrast with the rimmed areas contrasting with the engraved areas.

The Art Deco style will always have a place in modern architecture, and we have other styles which also match this beautifully. For example, our bun doorknobs exude 1920s chic. Available in Ebony and Polished Brass, they provide great versatility, allowing them to work well with a wide range of styles and finishes. 

The Tewkesbury door knob ornate style absolutely exudes tradition and class. Inspired by a Georgian original, it’s perfect for period properties or townhouses. Available in Aged Brass, Aged Bronze, Polished Nickel and Polished Chrome, this style. 

A special ageing process is used to highlight the detail on the square backplate so that it contrasts nicely with the polished elements. This style tarnishes over time and so can be left if this is preferable, or polished periodically to maintain their sheen. 

Flower Door Knobs

This flower door knob is another classic style which can highlight and accentuate the right door. Available in Aged Brass, ‘Black Flower’ and ‘Natural Smooth’,  each piece has a unique story to tell. Created by From The Anvil, each doorknob is handcrafted with a hammer by a master blacksmith. 

A simpler traditional look is achieved using the Mushroom Front Door knob. Available in nine different finishes which include aged bronze, polished brass, polished bronze, polished chrome and polished nickel. 

These are supplied with detachable roses as well as two lengths of threaded spindle. This means you can use this a number of different situations around the home. You can use this with a mortice latch, lock and escutcheon or bathroom thumb turn. We also have matching escutcheons and thumb turns available.

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