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The Importance of Front Door Furniture

The importance of front door furniture to the overall look and feel of a build can be underestimated. We all know that investing in a high-quality front door is essential not just for the security of your home, but for creating the right impression for you and your guests. But having the right furniture for the door is just as important. When the furniture mismatches the look and feel of the door and the home itself, it stands out in ways that people may not be able to verbalise.

Your front door is likely to be one of the most expensive fixtures in your home. It’s essential to plan it well, choosing a front door that will look well for years after you install it. It needs to function efficiently, provide excellent security, high levels of insulation, and of course, be aesthetically pleasing. 

The Importance of Front Door Furniture: Choosing a Finish

Having an excellent piece of ironmongery to complement this investment can enhance the look and feel of the space as well as the security.  These should also be weather hardened to provide lasting strength, protection, and aesthetics for years after they’ve been installed. 

Whether you’re looking for front door knobs or door lettering, choosing furniture that matches the look and feel of the door and the home itself is essential for creating an impact. 

importance of front door furniture

If you decide to have a door knocker, we have a variety of options available, from Art Deco, “Doctor’s Door” and traditional Lion’s Head styles.  We also have incredibly unique looking finishes, such as the Regency door finished with Pewter which really highlights the importance of front door furniture for creating an effect.

An aged bronze finish can provide an ageless look suitable for a more traditional or a gothic appearance. You can attain a more modern feel using polished or satin chrome. For brighter colours and shades, polished bronze can often make for excellent contrast. And Antique Pewter can often work with various styles thanks to its somewhat neutral finish. 

In terms of security, you can back up the existing locking mechanism with a deadbolt system or door chain. In addition to improving security, these can also help to enhance the appearance of your space. Another element in this category of safety and style is the door peep, which is available in our four main finishes to match your door, your home.

If you have a query about one of our products, styles or finishes or are simply looking for advice or information, contact us today.