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Internal Sliding Doors

internal sliding doors

Internal sliding doors are a tasteful option when you don’t want or don’t have floor space. With the right furniture, sliding doors can open up a room and enhance the appearance of the space. They’re easy to install using our internal sliding door kit, and they usually require minimal maintenance. 

About Our Internal Sliding Door Kit

internal sliding doors

Our sliding door kit comes with a 2m track in a traditional black finish. To create a traditional, rustic appearance, the expose the steel straps along the front of the door.  The hangers are crafted to look beautiful while running smoothly across the track. As with any fixture, the structure of the wall will have to take the weight of the sliding door system as well as the door itself. The kit is built to handle internal doors that weight up to 80kg and is supplied with all necessary fixings. As our rails come in traditional black, we recommend coupling them with black or beeswax door hinges, available under ‘related products’ in our kit. Our kits should be easy to install and will arrive within 2 business days. 

Internal Sliding Doors Versus Pocket DoorsBoth will enhance the open layout of your space and free up floor space typically be taken up by a standard hinged door. The clearest difference between the two is that you can completely hide pocket doors when open. This means that they don’t block the walls, but of course, you can only install these into stud walls, making them more difficult to retrofit. Using a pocket door kit, you’re also able to install a far more versatile range of doors.

The downsides of internal sliding doors compared with pocket doors is that they will cover the walls when open. This makes them unsuitable in a windowed area or where there’s a radiator or other fixtures. And of course, they may occasionally come off the rail. Though this is easy to correct. Neither versions offer a perfect seal to the door, making them unsuitable in situations when you need to reduce noise. If you need further clarity, have questions, or you’d simply like to discuss your installation or idea with us, you can contact us on We’ll be happy to help.