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Pocket Door Kits

ermetika pocket door kit

Pocket door kits allow you to increase the function and utility of your space. At We Dress Doors, we provide the finest quality Ermetika pocket door kits. In addition to high-quality construction, these pocket doors are visually stunning. The pocket door kit allows you to install it either to open/close from the left or the right side, depending on the room layout.

Pocket Door Kits: Installation

By installing the kit into your cavity wall or wall frame, this setup creates a sleek finish that is minimalistic. The doors become completely concealed within the cavity wall when opened. Many different door types can be used with the pocket door kit.

If you wish to use these as a room divider, you can also install two together for a flexible, open plan layout without the obstruction of a hinged door.

Pocket Door Edge Pull Handles

When you use an edge pull handle, your pocket door kit is retracted so that this is the only piece of door furniture visible will be the handle. This will be accessible from the side of the entrance frame. So that it remains sleek and unobtrusive, the handle itself is also fully retractable so that it is completely flush with your door frame. To extract and use the handle, you use a finger to retrieve it. While small and unobtrusive, these are very robust and attractive pieces of hardware.

Pocket Door Flush Handles

We also stock flush handles which can be ordered with your pocket door kit. The advantage of the flush handle is that it does not need to be retracted in order to be used. These use a ‘hollowed out’ cavity to provide a firm grip. This is suitable for those who prefer the convenience of an always-available handle. This will require a little bit of DIY to install.

For those who wish to maintain a flush, minimalist appearance at all times then the pocket door retractable handle may be the preferred option. These flush handles dimensions come in various sizes to accommodate most doors.

Locks for Your Pocket Door Kit

If you wish to install a pocket door in a space that requires privacy, such as a bathroom or bedroom, a locking mechanism can also be installed. We provide two versions of the same locking mechanism. Each includes a hook lock, a turn & release, a strike plate and a finger pull.

If you have any further questions about pocket doors or our range of door furniture, feel free to contact us today.