Pewter Night Vent Window Fastener LH – Locking

Pewter Night Vent Window Fastener LH – Locking

3-5 day

Overall Length: 154mm
Handle Length: 135mm
Fixing Plate Size: 64mm x 14mm x 5mm
Keep Projection: 27mm

Price: 33.91

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This Night Venting Fastener is easy to fit and allows the window to be open and let air in whilst remaining locked. i.e. It is night venting and can be locked in both the open and shut positions.
This product is screw fitted and there is no need to fit trickle vents. The keep plate will screw to a mullion with a 20mm flat surface, leaving more room for mouldings.
There is a nylon washer fitted behind the handle which is designed to reduce friction.
The handle is ‘handed’ so care must be taken to choose the correct hand for your window – rule of thumb is that if your window is hinged on the left (inside view) then choose a left handed fastener & likewise if hinged on the right then choose a right hand fastener.
Sold with key and fixing screws.
Suitable for use internally or externally. Maintenance instructions must be followed to preserve the finish of your product.
Finished in Pewter Patina – for more information see the finishes guide here.

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