Pewter Patina Handmade Tuscan Thumblatch

Pewter Patina Handmade Tuscan Thumblatch

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Handle Length: 270mm
Thumb Bar Length: 163mm
Latch Length: 215mm

Price: 74.93



We have used many years of our skill and experience to offer you something unique, hand-crafted and what is a modern day piece of artwork.
These ‘Tuscan’ latches are beautifully crafted with the pointed top and bottom of the handle evoking the feeling of ‘Gothic’ architecture & style.
The thumb piece passes through the door and raises the latch bar off the keep. To restrict the latch bar movement a staple pin and a screw-on staple pin are provided (discard unused pin or find another use around the home).
Thumb bar size allows for use on doors with a maximum thickness of 80mm.
Sold as a set and supplied with necessary fixing screws.
If you require locking your toilet or bathroom door the locking staple pin or the locking screw-on staple pin is the answer. They have a leather thong with a pin to stop the movement of the latch bar.
Finished in Pewter Patina – for more information see the finishes guide here.

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