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Push Plates

push plates

Push Plates, also known as Finger Plates, are an essential piece of door furniture on any commercial and customer-facing property. At We Dress Doors, we provide a large selection of different finishes to accommodate almost any style.

When Are Push Plates Used?

A door frame doesn’t mix well with a thousand handprints. In heavy-traffic areas where a door handle is either unnecessary (or to compliment the ‘pull’ side of a door), push plates cover a portion of the door in a durable, easy-to-clean surface. The plate becomes a natural target for a person’s hand, helping to reduce the amount of wear on the door, which means less frequent repainting and cleaning on the door frame. If there is a ‘pull’ handle, the plate also conceals the fixings for a clean finish.

Our plates come in sizes and finishes to complement our commercial pull handles. The three main sizes are 1800mm x 66mm, 800mm x 66mm, and 400mm x 66mm. All come with a standard 4mm thickness which we have designed to keep the plates flush against the doorframe to remove the risk of snagging or injury.

Our Styles

The plain beeswax finish comes in two sizes; 400 millimetres and 800 millimetres. This finish is an authentic, forged finish. After forgery, the steel range in colour tone from deep red ochre to blue. We supply these and all other finishes with matching wood screws.

We achieved our Plain Black (or Traditional Black) finish by baking the steel in a high-temperature oven. The process results in a durable, corrosion-resistant finish which is salt tested to 480 hours.

We create our Pewter Finish using a unique process which highlights the steel’s texture. Salt tested to 480 hours; it is highly resistant to corrosion. Though in order to keep it in its best condition we recommend wiping it occasionally with a lightly oiled cloth to remove damaging deposits.

Our Art Deco style Aged Brass fingerplates offers a striking appearance for any commercial property or large entrance. Forged by From The Anvil using solid brass, the brass finish is unlacquered to highlight the quality of the material and unique manual process. This will arrive highly polished on all surfaces. Though naturally, given the materials it will tarnish over time as part of the ageing process. You can polish this to rejuvenate it at any time, depending on whether you prefer a tarnished look or a striking finish.

We hope this helps. If you have any questions, contact us today.