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Sliding Internal Doors

sliding internal doors

Sliding Internal Doors make for beautiful barn conversions, and can give an authentic accent to period homes and offices. The system we use is produced by the renowned From the Anvil and are hand-made by a blacksmith. From the Anvil specialise in traditional ironmongery, and the results are as gorgeous as they are unique. This provides a beautiful, classic look on your sliding wooden doors. The handcrafted steel straps are left exposed down the front of the door, providing an old-fashioned look to your space. The sliding door kit we use can support doors weighing up to 80kg, and the hangers run smoothly along the bar track.

Sliding Internal Doors: What Are the Specifications?

From the Anvil’s internal door kit is available for a two-metre sliding door kit, or three-metre sliding track. Both the two-metre and three-metre track are suitable for a door with a width of at least 50 centimetres. The maximum door with for the two-metre track is one-metre, whereas the three-metre track requires a max door width of one and a half metres.  For both kits, the door thickness has an allowable range between 3.6 centimetres to 4.6 centimetres. And the maximum door weight is 80 kilograms. The 3-metre track costs €389.35 and the 2-metre track is available for €315.65.

If you’re choosing sliding internal doors, consider that this is something you will use and see every day. It might seem like a ‘small detail’, but the correct choice of finish can completely transform and elevate the appearance of your home interior. With handcrafted iron finishes, you will accentuate the look, function and feel of the space.

Advantage of Sliding Internal Doors

Compared with a regular door, you’re going to ‘save’ corner space where a regular door would hinge. The downside, of course, is that the area alongside the walls will need to free for the doors to retract. This can limit where you place radiators, fixtures or wall hangings, but this can be avoided by using a sliding pocket door kit as the wall retracts into the wall itself. Other things to consider are that sliding internal doors may not provide a complete seal if heating is a concern or when you anticipate noise issues.

If you have any further questions about sliding doors or would like advice on your project, feel free to contact us today.